Mana Bar to expand to Melbourne, Sydney and Internationally

Aug 12, 2010

For those of you who do not know what I’m on about let me fill you in. The Mana Bar is the first Austrailian cocktail and console video gaming bar/lounge. It is located in Brisbane, Austrailia and first opened it’s doors in March 2010. For any gamer the idea of gaming, drinking and socialising all at once is a tantalizing prospect indeed, so here’s the news that the Mana Bar franchise is expanding to Melbourne, Sydney and even Internationally.

The Mana Bar’s Sydney and Melbourne will be open before the end of the year, and expanding into the rest of Australia will follow very shortly after. We are currently in discussions with other passionate entrepreneurs around the world who want a Mana Bar in their countries as well.

The Mana bar offers customers a selection of game-themed alcoholic beverages (such as Princess Peach, and Ocarina of Lime) alongside that months pick of games. Game choices range from your music type games such as Guitar Hero, to your more off the wall games such as Beautiful Katamari.

The Bar even offers theme nights, such as cosplay night, and even an upcoming Red Dead Redemption night. It’s a gamers paradise.

Let’s just hope the expansion to places such as the UK and USA happens as soon as possible, as I would Love to take a good look at this place! And, by take a good look I really mean drink myself silly while playing Little Big Planet.

For more information visit The Mana Bar site

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  1. Andrew Jack Fenn /

    If one of these ever opens near me I will set up a tee-pee on their doorstep, sit outside and scream until they give me a job and I would never, ever leave. This is our Mecca. Where we belong.


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