Vikki Blake (Editor-in-Chief)

I was never really the kind of girl who played dollies or dress-up, and my nerdgirl fate was sealed from the moment my dad brought home a super-shiny gorgeous NES. I was hooked. While other girls were falling in love with teenage pop sensations, I was falling in love with gaming. I got lost in Hyrule. I kicked ass in Street Fighter. I had inappropriate dreams about Solid Snake, became obsessed with the gorgeously grim environments of Silent Hill and am still kind of addicted to Guitar Hero. I’ve grown up with a particular penchant for survival horror, but I’ll turn my hand to pretty much anything that doesn’t involve pink and fluffy things.

Whilst I love music, video games, books and all things geek, my true indulgences include Ben & Jerrys ice-cream (Cookie Dough or Dublin Mudslide, please), strong tea (made in a pot and not in the mug), gin (with tonic), chocolate (any way it’s given), doctors (naked), talking too much, complaining and swearing profusely. I am a natural blonde, a Diet Coke junkie and kind of NSFW.

In addition to running, I’m the UK Contributor and token girl gamer at game blog and run the biggest Silent Hill site and forum in the world,

Sarah Grace (US Editor)

Ahoy and avast and girde your loins! My name’s Sarah, and I’m not the most typical gamer. I was never introduced to gaming as a kid, as I often admitted defeat when I couldn’t fight the SNES controller from my older brothers. Sadly, my venture into gaming began at 12yrs old, when I was introduced to a demo of a neat game called Metal Gear Solid. After that I did wallow in many RPGS (Legend of Legaia, Final Fantasy, Valkyrie Profile), but my first love always belonged to action based games. While I missed out on those early gaming years I more than make up for it with zeal nowadays and I love to identify and write about the pathos of fictional characters. Whether it’s discussing Kratos’ redemption in God of War, the Divine Tragedy of Solid Snake’s life and career, or the ins and outs of why Silent Hill is such a kooky town, I’m usually up to my neck with facts and symbolism.

Steve Wood (UK Editor)

How much of my life is gaming? Ask anyone and they’ll tell you my spare time is owned by controllers and keyboards as well as my mind being made of Circles and Crosses.

My gaming addiction began with being flattened by barrels on the original Gameboy when I was just an ickle lad. Now many years later I’ve progressed to being flattened by Super Mutant Behemoths as a man with big hair and an avid thirst for Pepsi Max.

I’m into almost every genre but a good FPS or RPG can shut me up for weeks. Only 6 years ago was I introduced to the wonders of Survival Horror by Silent Hill 4, something about running screaming from a two headed furry thingy fascinated me. Since then I’ve been catching up on all the titles I missed during the years I was oblivious to the games that now fuel my obsession with finding a great scare.

I tend to be shy at times but when I’m writing I make my thoughts heard (to some people’s annoyance). I’m a bit crazy, I invent words, direct detailed insults at difficult gameplay (without using hefty swears) and all whilst trying to extract humour from everything I do.

So that’s me, now if I can be excused I have Zombies to bash, Ghosties to photograph, Worlds to save and a fizzy beverage to acquire.

Sarah James (News Editor)

My first experience with gaming was playing Jet Set Willy (rofl) on my best friend’s ZX Spectrum at the tender and impressionable age of 12. The Sega Mega Drive was my first console which quickly turned me into a hardcore Sonic fan, though it wasn’t until I got my hands on a Playstation that I became a “serious gamer”.

I play most genres though, like anyone else, I have my favourites. Silent Hill introduced me to the wonderfully terrifying world of survival horror and to the idea that games can have storylines that can totally immerse/intrigue/baffle you. Final Fantasy introduced me to RPGs, the concept that sleep isn’t as important as gaming. Tomb Raider is responsible for my love of the action-adventure genre and, more recently, Uncharted has further fueled that fire. (Nathan Drake? Phwoar!). One of my many downfalls is finding it hard to admit defeat if I’m not very good at a game – if you ever see me on MW2 online, you’re in for an easy kill (that’s where this girl gamer sucks!)

Other than gaming, I’m obsessed with writing, web design, Nathan Drake and chocolate. Most evenings, you’ll find me huddled over my laptop, swearing as I try to figure out why a piece of code isn’t doing what I’m asking it or huddled over my controller, swearing as I try to figure out why I just died for the 15th time (MW2).

Mitu Khandaker (Contributing Editor)

Hi, I’m Mitu, and I belong to that curious breed of people known as ‘video game academics’. That is, I’m currently pursuing a PhD researching crazy, experimental new control mechanisms (see my personal site for more info), and like to think about solving difficult problems regarding our interactions with games.

As is probably blindingly apparent, I am a huge video games nerd, and have been as long as I remember, though particularly since the days of my hand-me-down Master System II and obsession with Alex Kidd. These days, I play any and all genres, though especially both love & lament the Gears of War series, FIFA, and have a recent unexplained penchant for parkour-type games.

Aside from playing games, I also enjoy designing games, and talking about them to anyone who will listen; whilst I believe games are awesome, I also seriously believe in play as one of the most important values that we all share as humans, and I hope to one day make video games to make the world a more awesome place.

Aside from gaming, I also dabble in many other bastions of nerdom, including throwing around dice-with-too-many-sides, and nurturing my nascent interest in graphic novels. I also enjoy travelling, undertaking crazy physical endeavours, working on my ridiculous number of secret projects, and learning new things.

Lyn Potts (News Writer)

Greetings and salutations, fellow gaming addicts! Remember back in school when all the girls were talking about boys and makeup, there was always that one girl arguing with the guys about which video games were better? Yeah, that was me. Since I could pick up a controller and knew how to button mash, video games have been my passion. For the past ten years my face has been stuck to a screen, and my hands to a game controller, as if I was some sort of Siamese triplet. From the times of the Super Nintendo, to the recent gen. of consoles I have experienced the joys, excitement, and occasional frustration of the video game world.

I enjoy any type of video game that has a good story line and addicting game play. Despite my main genre preference being RPG or FPS, I find myself constantly playing games that go across the board. I am particularly addicted to games created by Bioware. I can easily play a new game for days without stopping, and often find myself waking up with a controller in my hand and my character being slaughtered by enemies. Something about being immersed into an entirely different world made up of codes and data fascinates and entrances me. Who would have thought moving pixels on a screen would be so much fun?! Now, would you kindly excuse me? I have some serious gaming to get done! Keep on, keepin’ on!

Tom “Slurms” Mackenzie (News Writer)

I was born with a controller in my hands. Not technically true, but as soon as I was old enough to grasp a controller I did, and I haven’t let go since. Over the years I saw my consoles change as I did, from the Playstation 1, to the Playstation 2 , Xbox, to the Xbox 360, and of course my Nintendo 64 to the Gamecube. I still play on nearly all the consoles, but I have to say my Nintendo 64 and Gamecube do hold a very dear place in my heart, for sheer retro quality.

I can associate many fond memories with gaming. Such as encouraging my dad play the original Tomb Raider, and being to scared by the butler on the training mission to even watch. And more recently, spending countless drunken summer nights with my mates, huddled round a screen and shouting at each other because someone just beat me at Super Smash Bros Melee with Jigglypuff, outrageous I know (Kirby FTW).

In terms of game genres I’ll give anything a shot. There is literally nothing I won’t unleash some sort of fury upon if necessary. After all, isn’t that what gamings about?

Other than all that, I do rather enjoy the simple things in life, chilling with mates, watching TV, drinking copious amounts of cider, all that stuff parent’s tell you to do less of. I also love writing about games, if there are people willing to hear what I have to say, then why not say it? Anyway that’s me, now if you wouldn’t mind I have a very pressing issue to see to, I think my mate just killed me on Call of Duty…

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