This is not a political site. We’re not big on pink or pseudo-girl power. It’s true that we get frustrated with the burgeoning assumption that all girl gamers are crap/ugly/emo/whatever, but we believe that all bets are off when it comes to video games. After all: who has time to care what sex a player is when they’re kicking your ass in Halo?

What we do care about is providing informative and intelligent gaming discussion, and offering a fun, comfortable space for all gamers, regardless of age, skill-level or gender. And whilst we may present a female bias on games and gaming culture, we’re certainly not anti-male, either. We are simply a collection of seasoned, passionate writers with a lust for gaming . . . the majority of which just happen to be female.

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So no, of course we don’t think that girl gamers suck. Quite the contrary, actually!