We get a lot of email and get asked a lot of questions. So, like the good little girl scouts were are, we have pre-prepared a few instant answers to help you out.

(Okay – so we’re not nor ever have been girl scouts [Vikki says that she was once a Brownie, but got kicked out for bad behaviour], and we only prepared this section to save us copying and pasting ourselves to death by RSI. It doesn’t make much difference – the answers are still the same. Honest.)

Did we miss something out? Drop us a line via our contact page instead!


Q. The name of your website is stupid.

A. That’s not even a question, but moving on . . . it’s ironic. You know – a joke? If you don’t get that, then this probably isn’t the site for you.



A. Please see above.


Q. Who the hell are you?

A. Short answer: we’re a collection of like-minded writers with a passion for gaming. Yes, we’re kind of new – we launched a little before Christmas in 2009 – but don’t let that fool you. While some of us are shiny and new to the arena of gaming journalism, some of us are old enough and jaded enough to come bundled with several years of industry experience.


Q. We think you’d love our new game and/or product. Want to hear about it?

A. Are you kidding? Of course! Getting the head’s up on an awesome new game or accessory makes us all tingly inside, as do review codes, promos, betas, products and anything else that you think gamers might like to see. Drop our editor a line and we can go from there. We have writers and willing guinea pigs on both sides of the pond.

Just don’t think that we automatically favour the free stuff – we don’t. We like to think we’re a little bit like your favourite badass teacher of all time – firm, but ultimately fair.

Oh, also? Don’t send us stuff just because it’s pink or has ponies on it. Seriously. If it’s hot pink and covered in glitter and helps us shoot zombies quicker, we’re happy – but if it’s thoroughly useless, we’ll report it as that. You have be warned.


Q. It pisses me off that you don’t always reveal your sources.

A. Yeah. We know. Some of you have made that abundantly clear. But you know what? We don’t want people to be fired because they were kind enough to tip us off on a little something, and we respect our sources request for privacy. That doesn’t make us unreliable or liars – it makes us respectful and awesome. Don’t like it? Quite frankly, we don’t care. Jog on. We report the facts as we find them and won’t compromise our integrity because a fanboy or two is throwing a shitfit.


Q. Are you looking for new writers?

A. We’re always looking for new contributors to join us here at GGS.com. If you are 18+, have a keen interest in gaming, great written skills and the time commitment to contribute regularly (we’re looking for at least five articles a week), we’d love to hear from you. See the answer below for more details.


Q. But what if I’m a BOY?!

A. It’s true that whilst we’re not exclusively an all-female staff, we are particularly keen to recruit and promote female writers. That said, we don’t hate men. Honest. If you like what we’re doing here and think you could contribute, you’re just as welcome to drop us your details as your female counterparts.

Working at GGS.com is currently unpaid – bummer, we know. That said, it’s not without its rewards; although our team is shiny and newly-formed, we have long-standing, established industry links and access many of the perks and privileges of the gaming press. Not to mention your writing will be read by fellow gaming enthusiasts and industry insiders alike – not too shabby, eh?

Sounds like this might be the right place for you? Get in touch explaining why you’d like to join us, coupled with a few examples of your writing. Who knows – you too could soon be part of the GGS.com team!