Sony Clarifies UK PS Move Prices

Jul 30, 2010

Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s Kinect pricing causing quite a stir (in a bad way), Sony have assured us that “PlayStation Move controllers will be cheaper to buy in the UK than we had expected.”

“One PlayStation Move controller costs £34.99, one PlayStation Eye camera costs £24.99 and one PlayStation sub-controller costs £24.99.

Note that you do not need the sub-controller to play most Move games, and the DualShock 3 pad can substitute for it.

The Move controller and Eye will be bundled in a PlayStation Move Pack for £49.99. This also contains a Starter Disc, which offers an instructional set-up video plus playable demos for Sports Champions, Start the Party!, The Shoot, EyePet: Move Edition, TV Superstars, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, echochrome II, Tumble and Beat Sketchers.”

Via Eurogamer

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