BBC now report girls under represented in gaming

Aug 8, 2010

After running the piece being surprised that girls can play games to, all be it nothing too loud, they have now ran a story about the under representation of girls in gaming.

Seeking the view of experts, CEOs and other experts the quote of the article is:

I don’t think we just want games where you dress up Barbies”

Ana Kronschnabl
CEO, Fluffy Logic

The piece provides links to those in the industry who are trying to change things and to at least give options for gameplay.

Take a read, what do you think ?

Source: BBC News


  1. Thank you for posting this!

    As a lady gamer myself, I’ve had to prove my worth more than once while playing video games with guys. I didn’t realize it much when I was younger, maybe because I just wanted to play to have fun. But as I got older, I would hear things like “Haha, you were beaten by a girl!” or “You’re going to get killed by a girl.”

    I know other girls and women who’ve experienced the same kind of jests from guys (I don’t want to put all men in the same box, but I feel that sort of mindset is still prevalent, whether its in video games or some other area of society). I don’t know if they realize what they’re saying, but they’re virtually implying that our gender should have something to do with our skill level and abilities, regardless of our love of games and how long we’ve played them.

    Granted, there is satisfaction in seeing their surprise when they realize we can play, and we can play well, but its sickening and sad to realize that some of them don’t think of us as fellow gamers. Just girls who happen to play games.

  2. I have nothing to add other than: I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL.

    Welcome to Hope you visit and comment us so more! :)

  3. Alex Farrow /

    This made me chuckle – any time I want to go on my PS3 I practically have to wrestle the controller off my little sister and her girlfriends who think knifing eachother in the face in Resident Evil is the height of entertainment.

    Girl gamers every one of them. -_-


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