Steam goes discount crazy!

Jun 26, 2010

It seems as if the download juggernaut Steam is having a bit of a sale on at the moment. And when I say sale I almost mean give-away. Hundreds of games appear to have some sort of discount off them ranging up to about 80% off. It’s crazy!

To wet your virtual appetites here’s a few discounted items:

All Valve Games – 33% off
All Capcom games – 33% off
Alpha Protocol – 33% off (now £16.74)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – 50% off (now £9.99)
Ghostbusters the Video Game – 80% off (now £3.00)
Resident Evil 5 – 75% (now £7.50)

And many many more!

So get your bum over there and at least download something while it lasts! You may find a hidden gem among all the deal.

Check out the sale here at the Steam website

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