Kinect Unfairly Compared To…A Sofa

Jun 22, 2010

Someone, hilariously, has posted an image on the interwebzz that depicts a check list showing the abilities of the new Xbox 360 Kinect and… a Sofa, in a neat little comparison.

I’m all for innovations but.. damn that sofa looks good right now!

Any opinions from our lovely visitors? Tell us what you think about the whole Kinect thingymajiggy below.

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  1. Tom Mackenzie /

    So we established that Kinect is not a Sofa? Fantastic! This will hopefully prevent me from buying a lounger, thinking it was actually an innovative gaming peripheral! THANKS INTERNET! Oh how funny you are. (sarcasm anyone?)

  2. David /

    LOL, you could compare Kinect to anything in the same way, this image was obviously made by a Sony Fanboy.

  3. Alex Wight /

    Now imagine a Kinect-Sofa hybrid… O.o


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