Community Q: T’was the Night Before Christmas …

Dec 24, 2009

Just before we wind down and settle back, full of wine, food and Christmas cheer, I’d like to introduce our new feature – Community Question! Once a week we flip the tables and listen to what you guys have to say . . . rather than sitting back and make you listen to us . . .

Community Q: What game(s) are you hoping to find under the tree tomorrow morning? Why? And what would you really hate to unwrap?!

You can answer by replying via the comments form. Come on – we’d love to hear your views!


  1. Vikki Blake /

    And just to kick us off . . . here’s my answer!

    I was hoping that I have a whole crapload of games under the tree this year. :) Unfortunately, however, most of the games I’m coveting – Heavy Rain, Bayonetta, Dante’s Inferno, Silent Hill Shattered Memories etc. – have yet to be released (or in the case in SHSM, yet to be released in the UK). Therefore, gifts are probably going to be light. But I do think (hope?!) someone’s picked up Take That SingStar and Lips #1s – cos there ain’t no Christmas Party like a console-karaoke Christmas Party!

    Also hope to receive Spirit Tracks and SMB Wii. Also have ensured that my 6yo boy gets Mini Ninjas and Madagascar Kart, and my other half is getting FIFA 10, so we’re all gonna be arguing for console time. I’ll win since they all belong to ME – MWMWWHAHAHAHA.

    Finally, I know that I’ve received CoD: MW2 because that was a little gift I bought myself. Heh.

    What wouldn’t I like to have? Yikes. Um – I’ve never been a fan of racing titles or sport, but hopefully everyone knows to avoid those. :/

  2. Sarah /

    I’m in a bit of a no-win situation here. Like Vixx, there are a number of games that I would LOVE to unwrap tomorrow morning but they either haven’t been released yet or are on the Playstation 3. These include Silent Hill Homecoming, God of War 3, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Final Fantasy XIII, to name just a few.

    Unwrapping a shiny new PS3 would really be something, wouldn’t it?

    Back to reality: Guitar Hero 5 (it’s available on the PS2, right?) or Silent Hill Origins (I’ve played it but don’t own a copy) would be pretty nifty!

    As for what I’d hate to unwrap? Fifa 10 or any other sports titles would make me question our friendship – but thanks for the thought!

    • Vikki Blake /

      You’re still waiting to pick up Silent Hill Homecoming?! Poor you. *hugs*

      I know what people say about the game, but I didn’t mind it. No, it’s not the series’ strongest title (probably my least fav of all) but compared to other games, it’s still pretty good.

      Hope Santa brings you want you’d like, Sarah! :)

  3. Sarah Grace /

    OO I can’t help but answer this!!

    Okay, so. I already got one Christmas present I wanted, which was FF12 — ’cause I lost my original play disc. I still burn with shame that I spent (no joke) 7hrs on a boss and I didn’t even get to beat it. I only knew it took 7hrs because of the sun’s progression and the fact I said g’bye to my ex-bf and then hello to him again once he got back from work.
    Otherwise I’d really like to get Dragon Age for PC! It’s like Mass Effect but medieval and with cockney accents.

    The WORST game I ever got was FFX-2, which I still think is a big joke to this day. It’s Sailor Moon but with FFX characters. I was telling my friend I’d be so angry if I got that game, and he sent it to me, anyway. :(

    • Vikki Blake /

      You had a Christmas present EARLY?! FOR SHAME!

      btw, your FFX-2 friend sounds awesome. :)

  4. Krishna M. /

    I agree with Sarah regarding FF X-2. What a disappointment. I was hoping for a really serious sequel to Tidus’s and Yuna’s stories. I remember how they said they were going to make FF X-3…SO glad they decided not to.

    If I actually got presents, I’d right now want a PlayStation 3 with FF XIII and Yakuza 3, but of course they’re not out so I’ll have to wait until my birthday for those.. I played some of the first Yakuza and liked what I saw, and I heard that Yakuza 2 was better and that Yakuza 3 was even better. And then lo and behold, they’ve announced Yakuza 4. I’m a Shenmue fanboy, and the Yakuza games are similar to Shenmue, which makes me very happy.

    I’d also probably need a new TV to play the games on. My old one is fit for anything up to the last generation of console games (as well as the Wii).

    Something I’d hate to unwrap? Hmm, that’s pretty hard to say since I can’t stand the vast majority of games that come out (even games like GTA, CoD, Halo, etc.) so I’ll just pick something at random and say Fable II.

    • Vikki Blake /

      I’m the same – not a massive FPSer, nor am I particularly in love with GTA. But you’re right – the latest Yakuza has been having some rave write-ups. Can’t wait to try it out.

      I hope that you don’t receive presents because of your upbringing/religious belief, rather than because no-one

      • Krishna M. /

        Eh, my parents never really believed in presents. It doesn’t matter, I guess.

        P.S. I’m a guy. Don’t worry, it happens all the time…

        • Vikki Blake /

          My apologies, my friend. It may happen all the time (as I run, everyone assume I’m a guy) but it’s still irritating. Apologies again.

  5. Lindsey P. /

    Well, I WAS hoping for some sort of game. I only asked for three, Assassin’s Creed 2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Sims 3. ;D Unfortunately all I got was clothes that don’t fit me, socks, and makeup I will never use. :/

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