Bioshock 1 and 2 Merchandise!

Feb 9, 2010

Are you an avid fan of 2K’s Bioshock? Are you practically bursting with excitement to get your hands on Bioshock 2? Well then, this post is to relieve some of that last hours-till tension!

Official Bioshock 2 merchandise is now available online! As well as prints and posters of Bioshock 1 at 2k’s online store. All figurines and replicas here are made by NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc), or 2k Games! For more information on merchandise check the respective website. Website links to where these can be purchased are available at the bottom of this article! So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Bioshock 2 Merchandise

NECA Big Daddy Plush Doll
This 7″ tall (approx.) plush doll of a Big Daddy, as seen in the , as well as in Bioshock 2′s . This plush doll is an accurate replica, professionally made by NECA. This Big Daddy doll recreates the baseball head, wire frame cage, corkscrew arm, and more. It features a plush body and plastic head, and sells for between $19-$25 (varying based on website).

NECA Eve Hypo Replica
This LIFE SIZE 8″ (approx.) Eve Hypo is an exact replica made by NECA. It features detailed weathering and label, and is made of a clear plastic. It comes with a blue LED light inside, that lights up when you push down the top of the ‘syringe’ (requires 3 power cell batteries). This item sells between $16-$20 (varying based on website).

NECA Bioshock Ultra Deluxe Action Figure 2 Pack-Big Sister and Little Sister
This special 2 pack of figurines by NECA features Bioshock 2′s Big Sister and Littler Sister. Big Sister stands 7″ (approx) and Little Sister stands 3 3/4″ (approx.), both highly detailed. Big Sister is complete with removable cage basket on her back, and features rotatable ball joints at the neck, shoulders , elbows, knees, hips, wrists, and ankles. The Little Sister comes with an ADAM syringe and rotatable ball joints at the neck and shoulders, and hinged knee and elbows. Both are made on the same scale as NECA’s Subject Delta Figurine, and the Little Sister is only available in this Deluxe 2 Pack. This pack sells between $26-$46 (varying based on website) and £17.99 on

NECA Bioshock 2 Big Sister Figurine

This is the same figure as above, but sold in a single package without the Little Sister. This product is sold for between $14-$20 (varying based on website) and £11.49 on

NECA Subject Delta Figurine
This replica of Subject Delta from Bioshock 2 stands roughly 7″ tall and features removable hoses, detachable backpack air tank, and interchangeable drill arm. Subject Delta figure has ball joints at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. This highly detailed collectible can be bought between $14-$20 (varying based on website) and £11.49 on

NECA Bioshock 2 Big Daddy Deluxe Figure
This Big Daddy figure stands about 7″ tall, and is highly detailed. Big Daddy features removable tanks, and a lot of articulation. This item can be bought for between $23-$45 (price varying based on website) and £17.99 on

Limited Edition Sinclair Syringe Pen
The Sinclair Solutions engraved metal pen comes with refillable rollerball ink in a custom BioShock 2 gift box. Accepting pre-orders now at 2k’s online store – pens shipping at the end of February. They are sold for $35.

“The Sisters” Print by Jhonen Vasquez

“The Sisters” by Jhonen Vasquez depicts the Big Sisters and Little Sisters of Rapture in a fashion that is both beautiful and creepy at the same time. This print is a 14.5” x 12” limited run on 100 lb cover glossy stock. This print is available on 2k’s online store for $20.

“1959” Print by Craig Mullins

Craig Mullins’ “1959” shows Rapture’s grand ballroom before the Civil War. This print is a 14.5” x 12” limited run on 100 lb cover glossy stock. Available at 2k’s online store for $20.

“Subject Delta” Print by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell bring Rapture to life with many characters you will meet in BioShock 2 painted in their famous style. This print is a 15.25” x 11.5” limited run on 100 lb cover glossy stock. Available at 2k’s online store for $20.

Bioshock 1 Merchandise

BioShock Steinman’s Cosmetic Enhancement Lithograph

This limited edition lithograph shows an advertisement for Dr. Steinman’s cosmetic enhancement procedures, defaced by the man himself. It is printed on matte lithograph stock and measures 18”x24”. Available on 2k’s online store for $20.

BioShock Masquerade Lithograph

An authentic reproduction of BioShock’s 1959 Masquerade Ball lithograph. This limited edition print is on matte lithograph stock and measures 18”x24”. It is available on 2k’s online store for $20.

Little Sister Figurine

The ultimate item for an avid BioShock collector, each Little Sister figurine is cast in ceramic and hand-painted. She stands just over 3” tall and is designed to-scale with the Big Daddy figurine previously available in the Bioshock Limited Edition. This figurine is a one-time production run in very limited and is available for purchase only through 2k’s online store. It is available for purchase for $10!

Excited yet? I know I am! So, enjoy browsing the items and maybe even buying a few while you wait to grab your copy of Bioshock 2! These items are all 100% official and collectible! So grab them now while you can.

Websites (links will take you to the exact pages please click the links; remember to check each websites even those not listed for other prices!)
Bioshock 1 Merchandise and Sinclair Syringe Pen:

Bioshock 2 Merchandise:
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  1. Ooooh – I love the Big Daddy Plush Doll (it’s currently my Macbook’s wallpaper). Wantwantwant.

    • Lyn Potts /

      Yeah, doing all the research for this stuff I really had to fight the urge to buy one of almost everything!

    • We’ve developed a much better and safer Big Daddy Doll!

  2. Lyn Potts /

    Personally, I’m thinking about the Eve Hypo, Big Sister and Little Sister Pack, and Steinman Cosmetics Lithograph. I’ve been eying that Lithograph for a year now….

  3. with the left hand u can unloock shapeshift u can play as…… big sister, little sister, little brother, and a splicer! but do not play as little sister because evrey big daddy tryes 2 harvest u. so it is pretty much usless. what!?! u dont believe me see 4 ur self once u play as a littl sister


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