Valve Announce New Left 4 Dead Content

Aug 22, 2010

Veteran developers Valve, have announced that new downloadable content will soon be available for their best selling Left 4 Dead series. According to a report by PC Gamer, ‘The Sacrifice’ will have players stepping into the roles of the original survivors of the first game, in events that will run parallel to Left 4 Dead 2′s ‘The...

Halo: Reach Leaked

Aug 22, 2010

Bungie’s hotly anticipated sequel to Xbox flagship series Halo, has been leaked ahead of it’s September release date. The game code for Halo: Reach has been obtained by hackers after it was made available on Xbox Live’s Marketplace for reviewer purposes, though they claim they have no intention of making it accessable to the public. Microsoft...

Ed Balls Calls for Tax Break in UK Gaming Industry

Aug 21, 2010

Shadow Education Secretary Ed Balls yesterday criticised the new coalition government in the UK, for the axing of proposed measures to safeguard the gaming industry in Britain and Scotland. On his personal blog, the Secretary called for a tax break to be introduced at benefit to the industry after developers Realtime World went into administration, putting...

The Sims 3 Console Release Dated

Aug 20, 2010

EA this week announced as part of their Gamescom 2010 conference, a concrete date for the much anticipated console version of PC hit, The Sims 3. The developers spokesman confirmed that the game would be available on all formats from October 26th, claiming that EA hoped that this would expand on the already booming franchise that has reportedly sold an excess of...

‘Misleading’ Final Fantasy XIII Ad Banned

‘Misleading’ Final Fantasy XIII Ad Banned

Aug 19, 2010

A television ad campaign for XBox and PS3 smash hit Final Fantasy XIII has been banned by the British Advertising Standards Authority, according to Gamespot. The ad which carried XBox 360 branding had been deemed misleading after a complaint from a viewer, on the principle that it depicted footage from the Playstation 3 version of the game. The verdict stated...

British Actor Stephen Merchant to Lend Voice to Portal 2?

British Actor Stephen Merchant to Lend Voice to Portal 2?

Aug 19, 2010

British comedy writer Stephen Merchant has reportedly been asked to star as a voice actor in the coming sequel to cult title, Portal. According to a report by CVG, Valve have confirmed the co-writer behind British comedy series’ The Office and Extras will be voicing ‘The buddy sphere’ Wheatley, an addition which gathered a large amount of fan...

Gaming and Popular Culture- Alan Wake ‘References and homage’

Aug 17, 2010

Introduction: Can Gaming be considered ‘Art’? Gaming in the United Kingdom, is said to have become bigger in popularity, revenue and jobs available than the British Film Institute. As gaming moves more towards infusing itself with the essentials of film, such as cinematic visuals, script, soundtrack and top notch voice and motion capture acting, we...

Little Boy Lost- Limbo Review

Aug 14, 2010

I have tried to keep this as spoiler free as possible, as not to spoil your experience, but there may be one or two. Just a heads up! Limbo is by far one of the most original and darkly delicious journeys that I have had the pleasure of embarking upon in a game for quite some time. Created by Playdead studios, this arcade title had gathered something of a cult...

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