A good week to be a Mass Effect fan… new DLC dated

Aug 24, 2010

Following on from the shock announcement that BioWare’s space-faring RPG-action hybrid Mass Effect 2 will be engaging PlayStation 3 users from as early as January 2011, fans of blue-betentacled-alien-woman-of-ambiguous-sexuality Liara T’Soni will rejoice at the news that she is the face of new DLC package The Lair of the Shadow Broker, coming to Xbox 360 and PC next month.

The Lair will focus on Dr. T’Soni’s investigation into the whereabouts of the elusive Shadow Broker, tracking him to his secret base on Illium, and will add a number of features including five new achievements and the ability to pursue a relationship with Liara, leading on from the first game.

Mass Effect 2, already one of the biggest-selling games of 2010, has received an impressive amount of DLC since its initial release in January. New copies of the game shipped with The Price of Revenge, with Stolen Memory following in April. Each pack unlocks a new character – Leslie Grantham look-a-like Zaeed and slippery super-thief Kasumi – each with their own unique side-mission. Other smaller expansions offering alternative costumes, vehicles and weapons have also been added every month since the game was released.

The Lair of the Shadow Broker will be released for Xbox 360 and PC on September 7th, for 800 Microsoft Points/BioWare Points.

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  1. Michael Cripps /

    I really want it, and I might bite if it was 560 points (as I have a spare 60 so I would only have to buy 500 extra) but I don’t really want to have to buy 1000 more points. I would really like to see what happened with Liara, even though I disliked her enough in ME2 to change relationships to Tali instead.

    • Andrew Jack Fenn /

      It is quite a bit more expensive than the others but I can only assume that means it’s a proper story arc rather than just the one loyalty mission.

      I went the opposite way with Liara. Hated her with a passion in ME1 but actually thought she was alright in ME2. I’ll buy it just because it’s Mass Effect but I still don’t like Liara anywhere near enough as a character to want to play this for her.

      • Michael Cripps /

        Yeah, I think that must be the case. I found Kasumi’s mission pretty bland, and I wished they had done more with both her and Zaeed. Just being able to have a proper conversation with them in the ship would have helped. I may buy this DLC on release, will have to see how I feel about it then.

        In ME1, I wasn’t a massive fan of Liara either, its just I thought she was a more interesting romantic choice than Ashley. But she had such a personality transplant in 2 in just found it very annoying, but I am interesting to see how she ended up like that.


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