Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition For PS3 Budget Re-Release

Aug 16, 2010

Previously exclusive to GAME stores, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is to be re-released at the budget price of £19.99, just in time for the release of Sony’s new motion-control peripheral PlayStation Move, and will be available from all major retailers.

Last month’s news that the original version of the game wouldn’t be compatible with Move due to technical constraints was met with worldwide discord from within the dedicated fan-base. Developers Capcom clarified the situation, explaining that a memory reserve issue rectified in the Gold Edition cannot be altered in previous versions.

Previews of Move gameplay in Resident Evil 5 have been extremely positive and will hopefully give the best-selling bio-weapon slaughter-fest a new lease of life on PlayStation 3. The Gold Edition not only features Move capability, it also comes packed with all the new missions, outfits and other extras released as downloadable content earlier this year.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will be re-released in the UK for PlayStation 3 on September 10th, with PlayStation Move following on September 15th. Current owners of Gold Edition can expect a Move patch on the same day.


  1. You know I’m going to have to buy this, meaning I’ll own three copies of the game.

    Obsessed much? ;)

    • Andrew Jack Fenn /

      Join the club Sarah! The RRP is £19.99 but HMV actually have it available for pre-order for £14.99! I’m thinking a little Move co-op is in order ;)

  2. Jen Hawkins /

    This is going to be a good excuse to get RE5 for PS3 again. I completely forgot that I sold it! That HMV price is a bargain, it was a good move to make it a budget title.


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