iPad or iGame?

iPad or iGame?

Jul 11, 2010

A recent survey conducted by Resolve Market Research suggests that Apple’s latest gadget is taking a notable chunk out of the handheld gaming industry share.

According to Mashable, 28 percent of respondents claimed that one of their main uses for the iPad was gaming, while 23 percent said between the iPad, smartphones and portable gaming devices, the former is “the most enjoyable for playing games.”

It certainly makes for interesting reading. The iPad certainly seems like a pretty decent contender in the handheld market despite the price tag. Maybe it’s the multi -functionality of the iPad that makes it so attractive, or maybe it’s the innovative controls. Let’s just see how it fairs when Nintendo’s 3DS is released, shall we?

Do you think the iPad is a big contender in the handheld market? or do you think it should be left to the big boys Sony and Nintendo? leave you opinion in the comment box below.

Source: Joystiq

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