The Glitch Report : May – 2010

Jun 10, 2010

Welcome to’s Glitch Report. If there is a Glitch or abnormality in a videogame, I am the one who is bound to stumble across it and this Glitch Report will outline the most prominent and downright outrageous Glitches that I have discovered in games recently. I also encourage you to post your own Glitch experiences in the comments below!

This month I have been starved of gaming because it has been my last month of University. The only games I have played in this horrendous month have been Left 4 Dead 2 and Red Dead Redemption – Not that that’s bad or anything but I’d like to play at least Four or five thousand more games in a week…
Anyway! Seeing as though these are the only games I have been playing, this will be a Left 4 Dead Redemption special. Let us proceed.

Left 4 Dead 2, Xbox 360
One of the most fun games that has ever graced my Xbox 360 with its presence, Left 4 Dead 2 manages to keep me playing the same five levels (six if you count the downloadable doo daa) over and over for the love of Versus mode. This repetition brings oddities to the table in really weird ways, the first being the Charger Incident.

Whilst playing Versus as the survivors, I sensed a terrifying sense of Déjà vu as I approached the Pill Bottle next to an Ironing Board in one of the Hotel rooms of Dead Center. Anyone who has seen Criken2’s “Funny moments of getting owned” videos knows that handing Rochelle some pills in this room can lead to her being carried to her doom by a Charger. Well, as I picked up the Pills I turned and saw Rochelle’s gormless expression staring back at me… So I equipped my Pills, *RUYYYK WEEEKK*, oh dear that’s a Charger warning call, shall I proceed? Yeah why not?
So I pressed the Trigger and heard, “Here take these p*WWRUUUUUUUUUGH*” and instantly knew I had made a mistake. Thankfully all was not lost, as the pills were still in mid air, the Charger seemed to hit them instead of Rochelle and it stopped him instantly. Now I know, I know it might have hit some protruding bit of furniture or a tiny ant on the floor because yes, they can stop you mid charge. But there was NOTHING in the way except for the Pill Bottle. Either way, the Charger stood for about 13 seconds doing nothing as Rochelle hacked it to death with an Axe… Clearly this experience angered Mr Charger because *Insert Gamertag here, Left the Game*. See, Drugs are bad for Zombies too!

Onto number two, this is actually a Glitch that me, Mr Mackenzie and my chum Krys witnessed, but it was so peculiar that we forgot to laugh. While trekking down the steps on the second level of Dead Center, myself and another player – I forget who – were incapacitated by a Spitter. Whilst laying there approaching my demise I was watching the other player being revived by nothing but a gun that was glitching around in the air. So the Saviour disappeared and was replaced by a hovering twirling gun. The reviving stopped so something must’ve been noticed, and we all just sat and reflected on what had just happened. Meanwhile a Charger noticed our perplexed expressions and used this opportunity to gather the two remaining survivors into a neat squishy parcel – Thanks…

Red Dead Redemption, Xbox 360
This game… this game is amazing as already stated in Tom’s review however I picked up on a couple of Glitches that were very prominent for a while and then I never saw them again.

While taking an early morning walk through the town of Armadillo, I could hear a *Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch* Very annoying, repetitive, loud thumping that just did not stop, even in cut scenes. So I went to investigate this sound and ended up tracing it to round the back of a produce stall. It was the stagecoach taxi, but the horses in front were submerged up to their knees in the floor. The game, obviously knowing this was stupid, made an effort to correct it by pushing them back up to ground level… where they fell through again. Every time this happened, which was about twice every second, the stagecoach behind would make a crushing noise as it reset its wheels on the ground. You think that’s annoying? That’s just one of them! After saving my game another time, I came outside and there were three horse drawn carriages doing the same thing and it was so loud I had to mute my TV.
After I thought I had seen the last of this Glitch, I hopped in a Stagecoach Taxi in a different town and set my destination only to have the horses warp through the floor and do the exact same thing, the horses were walking but they had no forward momentum. The most exciting $5 Mr Marston ever spent, I’m sure.

The second Glitch from Red Dead came just after I had earned the right to wear the Duster Coat outfit – Which I thought looked amazing so I wore it instantly. However, some time into my experience wearing the coat, I found something odd that could potentially ruin any attempt at trying to look cool with the outfit on. Basically, during every single cut scene the Duster Coat’s tail would either stand straight out at a right angle to the back – so it would act as a chair if he fell over – or to the front, warping through John’s legs. This completely ruined his Badass imagery as he walked off into the sunset with his coat tail standing to attention for all the wildlife to hitch a ride on.

But like I said, these Glitches stopped just 2 days after they first appeared. I don’t know if it did a sneaky update I wasn’t aware of or if I just got past an affected section of the game, but I’ve not seen them again thank goodness.

That concludes this edition of The Glitch Report, don’t forget to comment below with your Glitches and Errors!

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    Lol, Karma Charger’s only weakness, Pain Pills!


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