Oh dear, It’s Broken…

Mar 25, 2010

If you’ve read the post I… posted a few minutes ago, you know what “Game Room” is. A promising sounding concept indeed, but OH NOES it turns out that it’s busted.

“According to a tweet written by Microsoft’s Larry Hryb (a.k.a. Major Nelson),

“Game Room is available for download, but there appears to be some problems with loading games. It’s being investigated.”

In other words, you can’t play anything if you try visiting Game Room. Attempts to load up Game Room result in the loading screen freezing up. The problem has been noted on both Xbox 360 and PC versions.

A workaround has apparently been discovered by NeoGAF users, though Microsoft pledges to fix the issue shortly, negating the need for the unofficial, multi-step solution.”

Negativegamer’s Chris has noted a fix:

“You can bypass the error somewhat by disconnecting from Live (in my case pulling my network adaptor out), loading Game Room and then reconnecting when inside. However, you are unable to purchase any games to play and are limited to time restricted demos. A pretty sloppy workaround I’m sure we’ll all agree.”

How very disappointing, let’s hope they get it fixed properly soon.

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  1. Jason /

    It’s pretty much what we can come to expect nowadays with online patches, general updates and even game releases.

    It seems companies are perfectly happy to released half-working projects early as they have the ability to update them online now or release follow-up patches.

    Years ago this would never have worked.

    • Steve Wood /

      Unfortunately, you are so right.

  2. Alex Wight /

    Well, that didn’t take long…


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