So Long, Xbox Live!

Feb 6, 2010

Yes, that’s right. Microsoft is officially going to start shutting down the original Xbox Live servers. Shut down begins on April 15, 2010, by discontinuing any and all automatically renewed Xbox Live memberships. No matter if you are playing on the original Xbox or Xbox 1 compatible games on the 360, online will no longer be an option.

However, this sad event for those who love the original Xbox, may be a joyous event for those who prefer the 360’s Live. Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten claims that this will allow “unprecedented flexibility for future features.” Giving the teams of Xbox Live more time to work on, and add to the 360’s Live network. This includes allowing a larger friends list. Unfortunately, this means leaving fans of the original Xbox high and dry when it comes to online content.

How do you feel about Microsoft’s decision? Will there be any games you’ll miss playing online?

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  1. Soda /

    Yeah I will miss halo 2… But it come a time when everything must be close..

    • Vikki Blake /

      Agreed. It is kinda sad, though. I wasted a lot of time on the Halo 2 servers – good times!

  2. intensegamer /

    who cares, if you don’t have a xbox 360 by now you deserve to be left behind. it’s 2010 people.


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