Twitter teases Bayonetta news

Aug 2, 2010

Yusuke Hashimoto is certainly a tease, as on his twitter he has said “Good morning. We should be able to reveal new news related to Bayo[netta] this week, look forward to it,”. Exciting, huh? However, there is a chance that this news may not be a new game, but could be merchandise, animations or graphic novels. We will let you find out as soon as we find out what is planned.

While PlatinumGames developed Bayonetta, the IP is owned by Sega. The companies have an agreement covering the release of four titles; Bayonetta, Infinite Space, Madworld and Vanquish. While Sega have not announced any plans to extend the contract with Platinum, it is still possible that a new Bayonetta title could be in the works. However, this could just be the hopes of a fan who wants to see a follow up to one of his favourite games of the year.

Source: via Siliconera

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