The Reason Resi Evil 5 Standard Has No Move Support

Jul 29, 2010

Earlier this week, we reported that it will only be the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 that will be getting Move support. Apparently, it’s not because Capcom wants us to buy the more expensive Gold Edition. There really is a technical reason behind it.

It turns out there is a technical explanation; For the game to support PlayStation Move it requires certain resources from the PS3 and this case the problem is lack of memory space.

When the original version of Resident Evil 5 was developed the team were unaware of Move so used all the memory for the game. When Capcom got their hands on Move they recoded the game to free up resources for the Gold Edition, hence that version can be patched.

Well, that makes me feel a little better…

Via TheSixthAxis

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  1. Andrew Jack Fenn /

    So memory resources used for the game engine have been re-routed to accommodate Move capability. Can I assume that’ll mean a choppier frame rate and longer loading times? Lovely!

    • Alex Wight /

      The price one pays for motion controls, I guess. :|

  2. Andrew Jack Fenn /

    On the plus-side if recent reports are to be believed, Move itself won’t be nearly as expensive as most of us were anticipating!


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