Heavy Rain: Uncensored and Uncut in the UK

Jan 5, 2010

Following months of speculation and rumours about the title, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has revealed its classification for Heavy Rain: Origami Killer, Quantic Dreams’ latest, greatest and exclusive offering for the PS3.

Clearly not the Daily Mail enraging, overtly violent sex romp we were perhaps led to believe, Heavy Rain has come through with a 15 classification. This tells us . . . well, not much, actually, other than it’s been deemed not suitable for persons under fifteen years of age.

More interestingly still, despite the “strong language, violence and sex”, there were absolutely no cuts made. Hmmm.

Click to see the classification listing in full:

Via thelostgamer.com (N4G.com)

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  1. Martee Warree /

    I still wish this was coming out for the 360 :( I REALLY want to play this game.

    Maybe a PC release in the future? :P

  2. dylan /

    It is out in two days.You are sicked


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