ESRB iPhone App for Instant Rating Checks

Dec 19, 2009

There are many, many weird and wonderful iPhone Apps. Some are informative, some entertaining, and some are something altogether different. I like to think that this one falls somewhere – if tentatively – in the former.

I have to admit, I’ve never stood in GAME turning a game over in my hands, desperately wishing I’d checked the ESRB rating of a game before I came out. 1) I’m not in the States, 2) I don’t really care and 3) . . . well, it’s right there on the box, dude. That said, as a parent sometimes it’s useful to know what’s led to the rating decision. So whilst I might not be overly concerned myself, when it comes to buying games for my child or others, it might be helpful to know why a title like FairyTale Fights came out with a Mature (which I seriously don’t consider to be a mature gaming experience, fyi), whilst Mini Ninjas was seen fit for Everyone.

The ESRB App can be downloaded for free right now from the iTunes store.

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  1. Lindsey P. /

    Oh this actually looks like a useful app! Considering, I’m not yet old enough to buy rated M games. (You have to be 17+) And where I buy games they actually CARD people for their ID in order to buy games. So unless I have a parent or guardian present, I can only buy rate T games or lower. Oh, the restrictions of being a minor…to bad I don’t actually own and iPhone. :|


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