Playstation Plus: First Month Incentives

Jun 25, 2010

As Sony gets geared up for the launch of Playstation Plus on June 29th, they have detailed the bonus content available to subscribers.

“The four free games per month include a PlayStation Network game, two PSP minis, and one PS1 classic. The first month will bring Wipeout HD, Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies, and Destruction Derby. Those four games, and the subsequent monthly games, will be accessible as long as a subscription is kept, and can be reaccessed if a user subscribes again after letting it lapse.

Other monthly bonuses include two dynamic themes, two premium avatars, and downloadable content. Dynamic Little Big Planet and PlayStation “Game is Just the Start” themes will be available at the start, along with two Fat Princess avatars, and DLC from Killzone 2.

New 20-50% discounts will be offered every month. In the first month that means half-price God of War and LocoRoco costume packs for Little Big Planet, and 20% off Gravity Crash and Fat Princess.

Demos and beta trials will be offered to Plus users before other PlayStation 3 players, and full game trials will allow users to play a game for a pre-set time before buying. Shatter and Savage Moon will be the first two set for full-game trials. Plus users will also be able to automatically download firmware updates, game updates, and demos when the system is in standby mode. Demos for the first month will include Heavy Rain and ModNation Racers.

As previously reported, all of this will cost $17.99 for a three-month subscription, or $49.99 for an annual subscription. It looks like Sony is trying to kick off the service with a bang by including quite a bit of content for the first update, so we’ll have to see how the company follows through in subsequent months.

One bonus that has been announced for Europe, but not the U.S., is a free digital copy of Little Big Planet for users who sign up for a full year between June 29 and August 3. Unlike the monthly games included in Plus membership, Little Big Planet will belong to users even if they unsubscribe. Sony Computer Entertainment America hasn’t announced any similar free giveaways of full games.”

To clarify, UK prices are as follows -

  • 90 day subscription: £11.99
  • 1 year subscription: £39.99

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